Tuesday, 2 January 2018

The Reading Labour Movement protests Rail Fare Increases

Morning crew, Darran Scully, Cllr Rachel Eden, John Partington, Chris Reilly,
Cllr John Ennis, Matt Rodda Reading East Labour MP
The Reading labour movement started the new year with a leafleting campaign at Reading Railway Station. 

Fraternising with the early morning commuters on 2 January 2018, activists from the Reading Trades Union Council and members of the Reading & District Labour Party discussed the effects of fare increases with the travelling public – a 34% increase since the Conservatives came to power (including a 3.6% increase this year alone). 

Jim Parker (UNITE), Chris Reilly (RMT), Darran Scully (ASLEF) and John Partington (TSSA) represented the RTUC in the morning, joining Labour Councillors, Rachel Eden and John Ennis, and Labour’s Reading East MP, Matt Rodda, as well as others.

In the evening, a second effort was staged, with Cllr Sarah Hacker and Keith Jerrome (both UNITE) from the RTUC joining other labour activists. Leaflets were distributed promoting the Labour Party’s rail policies, including capped fares and renationalisation of the industry. The demonstration attracted media attention, with publicity on the BBC’s South Today news bulletin.

Cllr Sarah Hacker, RTUC delegate, and RDLP activists