Wednesday, 13 July 2016

An Open Letter to Jeremy Corbyn MP from the Reading Trades Union Council

13 July 2016

Dear Jeremy Corbyn MP
We, the Executive Committee of the Reading Trades Union Council, are writing to you following a unanimous decision of the RTUC General Meeting of 12 July 2016 to declare our wholehearted support for your leadership of the Labour Party.

You were elected leader of the Labour Party nine months ago on the first ballot with 59.5% of members’ votes in a four-candidate race, a mandate for leadership far in excess of any other contemporary British party leader. We consider, therefore, the recent resignations from your Shadow Cabinet and the challenge to your leadership by Angela Eagle MP and Owen Smith MP as acts of gross betrayal.
Reading Trades Union Council urge you to remain steadfast in your determination to lead the Labour Party to general election victory. We urge Ms Eagle and Mr Smith to withdraw their challenges to your leadership and show loyalty to you, the overwhelming choice of Labour Party members for party leader.

We send you our solidarity.

Best wishes.
The Executive Committee
Reading Trades Union Council

CC: Iain McNicol, General Secretary of the Labour Party; Duncan Bruce, Secretary of Reading and District Labour Party; Angela Eagle MP; and Owen Smith MP

[The Open Letter was reported in GetReading online on 18 July 2016 here:]

Reading Chronicle, 21 July 2016, p. 15