Thursday, 16 June 2016

Unite strike in pay dispute at Capita

Members of Reading Trades Union Council fraternised with striking Unite members over their pay dispute with Capita Insurance and Banking Services. Unite established several pickets around their Reading Bridge House offices, leafleting passers-by and discussing the basis of the dispute.
Unite's leaflet distributed on the picket lines
The RTUC President, Jan Bastable, is a senior shop steward with Unite, and other RTUC members joined the picket lines in solidarity: James Parker (RTUC Secretary and Unite member); Chris Reilly (RTUC Vice-President and RMT member); John Partington (RTUC Communications Officer and TSSA member); and Cllr Sarah Hacker (RTUC Executive Committee member and Unite member).
Striker Jan Bastable (left) and fellow RTUC committee
member, Cllr Sarah Hacker (second right), picket with other Unite members

James Parker (right), secretary of the RTUC,
joins the emerging Unite picket in solidarity

John Partington (left) of the TSSA and RTUC
shows solidarity with a Unite picketer
Striker Jan Bastable (left) and John Partington (right) -
both of the RTUC - join the Unite picket line

Unite's Capita dispute received endorsement from Harry Leslie
Smith (centre) at a recent RTUC event in Reading